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Finland: Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue

Band: Jann Wilde & The Neon Comets 
Country: Finland.
Genre: Indie / Pop / Rock / Glam
Language: English
Here you will find 6 songs to listen.
Short bio:
Jann Wilde is a singer/songwriter from Tampere, Finland. After playing in many local bands in southern Finland he moved to Tampere and started writing and recording songs under the pseudonym Jann Wilde. The last name came from Oscar Wilde and the first name from his real name. The autumn 2004 saw the release of his first demo EP (Boys Out Of New York) which instantly sold well and received critical acclaim. Jann Wilde was then asked to front the new glam group Rose Avenue. This meant numerous gigs and a steadily growing cult following in Finland...
However, the end of the summer of 2007 brought bad news as the band announced that they have split up due to musical and personal differences.
Jann Wilde and drummer Tender Rexx soon formed a new band with new members Dean Martini (bass), Kaide Palmer (keyboards) and Robin Savage (guitar) and in 2008 Jann Wilde & The Neon Comets were born. The first single from the new album was the title track Neon City Rockers which was released as a digital download. The album hit the stores on August 27th, 2008.

Lover Lover Lover live @ vastavirta klubi in Tampere, July 12th 2008. Great gig. :D

Boys Out of New York from the Rose Avenue project:song sample player behind cut )

Album review of Neon City Rockers.