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I'm still trying to stare dreamwidth into submission concerning tagging. Unfortunately the options for tagging are a bit odd, so for now you can only add tags that already exist. I'll add a bunch of genres to the tagslist in a minute, if you need a different or more specific one just add a line at the end of the post and I'll include it. I'll add country:artist tags to all entries myself for now. What do you guys think about language tags?

Anyway, done with the adminny things. How about a nice round of the good old "who are you and what do you listen to?"
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i think the language tags sound nice. that way people can easily find a band singing in the language they're interested in. :)

as for who i am and what i listen to:
my name is karen and i'm currently residing in finland. i've come to like a lot of different finnish bands during my stay here (and some even before that) and i'm always happy to spread the love. i also enjoy swedish sleaze/glam bands a lot. :) my taste is pretty universal but the red thread is rock music - also the old 80s bands like alice cooper, guns'n'roses, new york dolls, hanoi rocks...and modern bands influenced by these.


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