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Nothing more fitting than starting a community on good European music off with the good old crappy cheesebag Eurovision, is there? Gotta love it. I don't usually look into it too much beforehand, because half the fun is the "surprise" of the desperate attempts of various countries to win this darn thing, but I doubly enjoy the occasional good band in between. Is there anything exciting going in this year?

I haven't seen Gipsy.cz live yet and from the small bit of the song I've heard the lyrics are awful, but with the current gipsy/balkan music hype they might actually have a chance to not fail miserable in the semis. With a good live show they might even place well. Outside of Eurovisionland a somewhat disappointing song from an otherwise quite good gipsy hop group.

Don't really know that many other contributions. As for the given dreadful, not even Dita von Teese will be able to save Germany, but at least there'll be something for the eyes. France will be difficult, great singer (obviously), not really a eurovision song though (and I doubt many of her fans will watch). England will be my loo break, have actually heard neither the song nor the singer, but after having to sit through Cats once I'm sufficiently prejudiced against Andrew Lloyd-Webber to flee.

Anyone have any favorites from the last years (either awful, cheesy or actually good)?
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