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We have a winner. One of the few artists that actually wrote their own songs, kudos for that!

(yes, that's playback fiddling, not his fault, eurovision doesn't allow live instruments...)

Did anyone else watch? What did you think?
The Armenian contribution was my favorite in the semis, but in the end the Estonian song was just so darn catchy and unique (and might just turn into the first eurovision song I'll actually buy...)
I was very glad to see less Skirts than last year, and at least a few very simple (but great) performances without an overload of glitz (hope that message arrived in Greece, Germany and the Ukraine). A lot of mediocre songs this year, way too many divas (poor Chiara was simply outdivaed), but overall an ok show.

Because I like it so much, Estonia's Urban Symphony with Rändajad

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