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Band: Wunderkammer
Country: Norway
Genre: Rock, Gipsy, Klezmer, Pop, Punk (iTunes says World)
Language: English, Instrumental

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/2D31a6bV1muneCjRlcVTok

Short bio:

Wunderkammer was (yes, past tense, sadly) a Norwegian band that made mindblowingly beautiful and emotional music while more stubbornly avoiding categorization than any other band I know of. Their lyrics consist mostly of poetry from Edgar Allen Poe to Egon Bondy, with the occasional instrumental in between. The B-Sides EP is a little more punk-influenced and occasionally reminds of a more tones down Gogol Bordello, their other stuff occasionally gets compared to Tom Waits, Nick Cave and fellow (actually Wunderkammer-inspired) Norwegians Kaizers Orchestra, but doesn't really sound like any of the above.

The band was led by Paal Jackman, with a core of a handful of musicians from rock/jazz/klezmer backgrounds, and an ever-revolving list of guests depending on which town they happened to be playing in. Today I Can Not Hear Music got pretty great reviews when it was released in 2002, among others from both metal and folk zines, so I guess it's safe to say that it doesn't only appeal to Gipsy-Rock fanatic English Lit students :)

The bad news: there is no website, there is no myspace, there isn't anything online besides spotify :/ The only thing I can point you to is this trailer for Paal Jackman's movie Jernanger, for which he wrote the music and used some old Wunderkammer tracks (the good stuff starts about halfway in), and the myspace of Jackman solo (of the songs on there Erlkoenig is by far closest to Wunderkammer).

(or if you have a buck or two to spare, download some songs from iTunes , it's worth it! (I'd recommend Sheepster & Wolf (instrumental) and The Sun Was Setting...)

the only English review I could dig up: http://www.metal-observer.com/
and two interviews: with a metal mag, and the kaizers orchestra fanpage

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